Supports Healthy Aging & Longevity*

100% pure research-grade Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) spores – high quality, high polysaccharide count. These Reishi spores come from The Academy of Agricultural Science in China where they are studied for their remarkable immune stimulating bio compounds. The Reishi spores are pure and uncontaminated by pollution or any chemicals – in fact, they are grown in the mountains where they naturally grow in the wild and grown on the very wood logs sourced from the trees in the mushroom’s natural habitat.



Supports Cell Health*

Highest level of key bio-active compounds of any Reishi supplement (500% more than most other brands). t-Cell Master contains extracts of 50% polysaccharides, 10% triterpenes. (Compare with other brands averaging less than 10% polysaccharides and negligible triterpenes). t-Cell Master also contains Reishi spores which have their own unique bio-compounds, also researched for their extraordinary support for cell health*

Why Reishi?

Here’s what is important to know about Reishi

The Reishi mushroom is known as nature’s # 1 immunostimulant. Widely used through many centuries for promoting health and longevity in China, the red Reishi mushroom (also known as Ganoderma lucidum or Lingzhi) is now the subject of thousands of studies by modern scientists.

Over 400 powerful immune-supporting and life-extending compounds have been identified. Research shows, for example that polysaccharides in Reishi boost the immune system by activating and raising the amount of immune cells –  T-cells and macrophages. These bio-compounds trigger a powerful immune response boosting the immune system to perform at more optimum and precise levels.  A healthy immune response is especially critical as we age when immune functions wane – a term called ‘immunosenescence’.  Breakthrough studies show numerous chemical compounds in Reishi helping to reverse immunosenscence.

Experts also believe that Reishi supports all organs to function normally– including the liver, the cardiovascular system, the lungs, brain – making Reishi the most potent adaptogenic ‘herb’ available.

Reishi’s potency is in it’s concentration of its unique polysaccharides and its triterpenes. It is also within its mushroom body and spores (not with the mycelium)  t-Cell Master and Reishi spores have the highest concentration of these compounds, anywhere.

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To bring the world’s best Reishi – and supporting scientific validation – to people round the globe. Reishi is now one of the most researched natural herbs in modern science, supported by over 3,000 scientific papers.