Purespores™ Reishi spores are of the highest quality. Sought after by health practitioners around the world, these Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) spores are unique in their purity.

They are 100% pure research-grade spores containing highest polysaccharide count – 40%. They’re the same ones used by scientific research institutes and universities around the world, for which research-grade purity is essential. The mushrooms they’re extracted from are grown in south central China. A recent study (Lu et al 2012) found that the most potent Ganoderma spores come from this region.

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Producing Ganoderma spores of this quality is inevitably costly – it takes 1,000 kg of mushrooms to make less than 1 kg of spores. Most cheaper Ganoderma products – from the US and China alike – are bulked up with fibers and oxidized spores, despite claims on the labels – we checked this with independent microscopists. If the price is low, you won’t be getting pure Ganoderma spores.


What exactly are Spores?

Spores are the reproductive structures of mushrooms – each spore can produce a new mushroom, rather like a seed can produce a plant. But spores, unlike seeds or pollen grains, are composed of only single cells.

It’s because these single cells have to germinate and grow into new mushrooms that they’re loaded with natural chemical compounds. This is why the spores are so potent. They contain large amounts of natural compounds – such as ganoderic acid and β-D-glucans – that have conspicuous health-promoting effects in experiments. Our spores contain 40% polysaccharides.

It is also important to know that Reishi spores have the consistency of very fine powder – so fine that you can barely feel it.  If there is a grainy texture, the product is not pure and may not even contain any spores

Purespores Reishi spores is FREE of gluten, lactose, pesticides and herbicides. It’s Non-GMO and BSE-Free. And, contains no fillers. No dextrin.

Combine with t-Cell Master for added protection and repair.

Capsules – 120 capsules per bottle, 300mg per capsule

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How to Take

Capsules – 120 capsules per bottle, 300mg per capsule:
Take 4 Capsules, 1-3 times daily. Take at least half an hour before eating or drinking.


Powder – 70 grams per bottle:
Mix 1- 2 tsp of the spore powder into a small amount of room temperature water (there is a mild taste of mushroom).

Take half an hour before eating or drinking, twice a day.


Supplement Facts (Capsules)

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Services per container: 30

Amount Per Serving: %DV
Ganoderma lucidum spores: 1200g *
*Daily Value not established

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    Latest score on my Prostate situation after meeting my doc last week:Nick 10: Prostate cancer 0. My latest MRI showed no detectable nasties. Hurray and thank you Mushrooms!

    Nick I, London UK

  2. :

    The Reishi spores really perked my mum up. It definitely helped her during those last weeks- she kept asking for this in the hospital. The care people were all asking about your product too. If you need distributor in the UK, just let me know!

    Peter P. – Birmingham, UK

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    I feel that without your help and support I would not be in recovery right now and my daughter would not have her father!

    Kindest regards

    Paul T. – UK

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