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Optimal cellular health is the basis for long-term vitality and healthy aging.

NEW! Super Strength Reishi Concentrate – once per day

Promotes and supports DNA Repair and Cell Health in all major organs and tissues of the body*

Highest levels of key bio-active compounds of any Reishi or cell health supplement in the world!

5 x stronger than other Reishi supplements

t-CELL MASTER contains Reishi extracts

containing 50% polysaccharides and 10% triterpenes

Plus Reishi spore extracts

(compare others with 10% polysaccharides and 2 % triterpenes)

Be a health master – we are committed to helping you learn how to take control of your own health, =starting with your cells and DNA where health originates.

Protect your cells and DNA and boost your immune system’s fighting power with the world’s highest potency Reishi extract concentrate – t-CELL MASTER and the highest potency Reishi spores – PURESPORES REISHI SPORES.

Our Mission –to bring world’s best Reishi and supporting scientific validation to everyday life. Reishi is now one of the most researched natural medicines in modern science, supported by over 3,000 scientific papers.

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  1. t-Cell Master – New Super Strength Reishi Concentrate – Once per day formula!

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$44.95 introductory price of $39.95


Purchase t-CELL MASTER + REISHI SPORES (capsules) and save $10.00 – $79.90


  1. Reishi Spores – capsules/ powder – High polysaccharide whole Reishi spores


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$49.95 – capsules

$79.95 – powder


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